Digital parental consent manager and student data privacy monitor in one powerful suite

Complete communication. Complete privacy. Complete protection.

EdProtect combines EdConsent and EdPrivacy into the most power student data protection software on the market. And in addition to all the time and money you’ll save with our tools, here’s something more: with EdProtect you save 33% more than if you purchased each app separately. Now that’s smart.


Privacy Quality Score makes privacy easy

We analyze every app and website you enter and give you an easy-to-understand score based on a five-star system that shows at a glance how safe your student data is. We can tell you what personal information is being collected, how long it’s retained, and if parents have the ability to review or delete the student data that’s collected.


Student Data Privacy on a MacBook Air

Convert paper forms to paperless forms

You don’t need to start from scratch; just copy or upload your existing documents into the form builder and add a few text and signature fields. Parents can then fill out the form online and sign with the click of a button. Got a new form to create? Our form builder will have you creating digital forms in seconds.


Student Data Privacy on a MacBook Air

Manage responses electronically

Once a parent signs the form, you’re updated instantly on your dashboard. You can easily track who has given permission and who needs a reminder. You can even set a due date for reminders to be sent automatically, saving you time following up with parents. Consent tracking reports can be exported into a spreadsheet or CSV file at any time.


Student Data Privacy on a MacBook Air

Fully integrated with Student Information Systems (SIS)

Our software integrates seamlessly with your SIS, allowing you to easily import parent email addresses and eliminate manual data entry.


Student Data Privacy on a MacBook Air

Parent dashboard keeps parents informed

Parents get access to a dashboard that shows which forms they’ve signed and which ones they still need to approve. For parents with more than one kid at school, the dashboard can show forms for all their children under a single login.


Student Data Privacy on a MacBook Air

Works anywhere, anytime, on any device

Because our software is entirely web-based, with nothing to download, it works flawlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, no matter what operating system is used. Both you and parents can sign from any device, while you can access all your forms and responses from the classroom, the break room, or anywhere else.


Student Data Privacy on a MacBook Air

Safe and secure

We started this company on the belief that nothing is more important than the safety of our students, including their data. With signatures and personally identifiable information on each of these forms, you can’t afford to leave that kind of data on a piece of paper sitting in a desk filing drawer or in a student’s backpack. By using an industry-leading cloud-based email delivery system and advanced encryption at every step, we safeguard this sensitive information to ensure security in the creation, distribution and processing of forms.


Student Data Privacy on a MacBook Air

Better for the planet and your budget

Schools spend thousands of dollars on paper, ink, copying, filing and storage each year, not to mention the hundreds of staff hours it takes to manage these processes. EdConsent eliminates the need to physically print and store consent forms, freeing your time and money for more important things while reducing waste in the process.


Student Data Privacy on a MacBook Air

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