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Easily Manage Student Data Privacy in Your School

Paperless Consent with Esign

Quickly and easily convert existing paper consent forms with our integrated electronic forms management system. Streamline distribution, data collection, and consent form processing by gathering electronic signatures and compiling form responses directly into spreadsheets.

App and Website Assessment

Minimize your liability risk, streamline the parental consent process, and make student privacy a top priority. Our patent-pending student data privacy platform tracks all applications, websites, and assessments used in your school. Manage all student data privacy obligations with transparency and accountability.

No Data Entry and Instant Login

Improve data quality and eliminate duplicate entry with our 100% secure, FERPA compliant, Student Information System (SIS) integration process. Student information is safely transported with end-to-end, bank-grade encryption that automatically syncs ongoing changes so student data only needs to be entered into the SIS once.

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